Article I – Name

The association shall be known as the North East Florida Senior Golf Association (NEFSGA).

Article II – Objectives

The objective of this association shall be to promote friendly competition and good fellowship among senior players; to hold an annual tournament, and other golf events and competitions; and to advance the best interests of golf among senior players.

Article III – Membership
Section 1
Membership shall be limited, as directed by the Board of Directors. To join NEFSGA, an applicant must meet the following qualifications:

A. Have attained the age of 50 years.

B. Be a male member in good standing of a North East Florida Golf Club or an applicant residing in the North East Florida area approved by the Board of Directors. The North East Florida area, as defined for the purpose of this association, shall be as follows: Bounded on the north by the Georgia state line, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by Highway I-75. The southern boundary shall be the 29th degree parallel which extends from just south of New Smyrna on the east to I-75 on the west, the southwest corner being 2 miles south of the point where Highway 484 crosses I-75.

C. Have an amateur standing.

Section 2
Membership from any one club may be limited by the Board of Directors in order to have the wide geographical distribution of members and to include the maximum number of clubs willing to host the NEFSGA events.
Section 3
Members must show an active interest in the association as indicated by their willingness to participate in NEFSGA events and activities. By a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors a member who does not show an active interest in NEFSGA, e.g., non-participation in a NEFSGA tournament during any fiscal year, may be denied renewal of membership at the end of the fiscal year.
Section 4
Any member may have his membership terminated by the Board of Directors after notice to him of the charges against him and being given due opportunity to be heard by the Board; charges against him being considered substantiated by failure of the member to make answer or for lack of appearance.
Section 5
Any distinguished or worthy senior may, by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors, be elected an Honorary Member of the association. An Honorary Member may enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership and is exempt from payment of annual dues.
Section 6
Qualified applicants shall be admitted January through December, paying full annual dues, initiation, and hole-in-one fees;
Section 7
A member, who is unable to participate due to health, business requirements, etc., may request in writing to the Membership Chairman to be transferred to inactive membership. Annual dues will not be required from inactive members. When an inactive member is again able to participate, he may request in writing to the Membership Chairman that he be transferred back to active membership and resume payment of dues.

Article IV – Board of Directors
Section 1
The governing body of this association is the Board of Directors which consists of twelve (12) members; however, if the Immediate Past President is not a current member of the Board, the number will be raised to thirteen (13) and he will be included as a Board member. The Board shall have the right to appoint an Emeritus Board Member to preserve a board member of invaluable experience on the board. In no case shall the Board exceed thirteen (13) members.
Section 2
The Tournament Director(s) shall be appointed annually and be directly responsible to the Board of Directors.

Section 3
Four (4) qualified candidates for the Board of Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and serve a term of three (3) years.

Section 4
The Board of Directors shall have full authority on all association matters, including the power to remove officers or members of the board for just cause and/or as otherwise provided in Article III, Section 4. The Board also has the authority to replace any director who shall fail to attend two-thirds of the regular meetings in any membership year, unless such absence was with the express consent of the President.

Section 5
The Board of Directors shall have the power to fill any vacancies among the officers or members of the Board of Directors.

Section 6
The Board of Directors shall approve or delegate to the Tournament Director(s) the authority to approve the following:

1. Dates and location of events.2. Entry fees for each event.

3. Rules adopted for play of all events.

Section 7
The Directors may delegate administrative duties and other functions to the Executive Committee which shall consist of President, First and Second Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Director and the Immediate Past President.

Article V – Officers
Section 1
The officers shall be a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected from members of the Board. The person appointed Tournament Director may or may not be a member of the Board.
Section 2
A. The President, First and Second Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer shall be
elected for one year.B. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the President and First and Second Vice Presidents shall be eligible to succeed themselves in the same office for an additional year. A Past President shall be eligible to serve a second term of one year, if the Board deems it appropriate.C. The Secretary and Treasurer may serve an unlimited number of consecutive terms.

D. Two offices may be held by the same person except no one can simultaneously serve as President and First or Second Vice President.

Section 3
The President shall have general management of the current affairs of the association and shall preside at the meetings of the association and of the Board of Directors. He shall appoint and also be an ex-officio member of all committees with the right to vote at all meetings thereof.

Section 4
The First Vice President shall, in the absence, death or physical inability of the President, act in his stead in all matters. In the case of absence, death or physical inability of both the President and First Vice President, the Second Vice President shall act in his stead.
Section 5
A. The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Association and deposit them in a
financial institution as ordered by the Directors.B. He shall pay all bills incurred for activities authorized by the Board of Directors and present an annual statement of receipts and expenditures at the first meeting of the Board after the election of officers meeting.C. Assistant Treasurers may be appointed. They shall make a prompt report of all expenditures to the Treasurer.

D. At each Board of Directors meeting the Treasurer shall report the receipts and expenditures.

E. The Treasurer will receive an account for all income from events and other sources.

F. The Secretary shall work with the Tournament Directors to plan, prepare and send out all tournament or other event notices. He shall prepare all bulletins of interest to the members, communications to the officers and directors for executive and other action and other notices as requested by the President or chairmen of permanent committees. He shall have the authority to incur and pay any reasonable expense necessary for the carrying out of his duties.

G. Tournament Directors work with the Secretary and the Treasurer and perform the duties outlined in Article VIII Section 1. A.

H. Any officer of the association who handles funds will, if directed by the Directors, be bonded. The Directors shall designate the amount of the bond.

I. Within 60 days after taking office, the President will cause an audit of all financial records of the association to be made. Results of such audit shall be reported to the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 6
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and provide the Board of Directors and Club Representatives with copies as soon as possible after each meeting. He shall assist the President when correspondence to members of the Board of Directors is required.
Section 7
The Membership Chairman obtaining information from the President shall assist him and the Tournament Director with the preparation of the monthly bulletins. He will be in charge of preparation and printing of annual directory, being reimbursed for expenses.

Article VI – Club Representative
Section 1
The President shall, from time to time, appoint members as Club Representative to act on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Section 2
Appointments of new, or changes of existing, Club Representatives shall be made by the President after conferring with and obtaining the recommendation of the Membership Chairman and the Tournament Director(s).

Section 3
The Club Representatives may, among other duties:

A. Represent NEFSGA in negotiating the tournaments as needed.B. Act as liaison to clubs in support of NEFSGA activities.

C. Assist in various NEFSGA activities as necessary or advisable.

D. Promote and coordinate tournament participation.

E. Assist in soliciting new members.

F. Help screen applicants for suitability and eligibility; and endorse their membership application.

G. Assist in collecting annual dues, initiation fees and hole-in-one assessments.

Section 2

A. Members present at the Annual Association Meeting shall constitute a quorum.

B. Directors present at the Annual Directors Meeting shall constitute a quorum.

C. Seven members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum at all other meetings.

Section 3

A typical agenda for meetings is:

1. Reading of the minutes.

2. President’s report.

3. Treasurer’s report.

4. Committee reports.

5. Unfinished business.

6. New business.

7. Election of Directors.

8. Installation of Officers.

9. Adjournment. Section 4

Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called from time to time by the President or by written request of any three Directors upon five days written notice or by telephone to the members of the Board.

Article VII – Meetings
Section 1
The regular Annual Meeting of the Association shall be in connection with the December event, the time and place to be fixed by the President.

Article VIII – Committees
Section 1
There shall be a Tournament Committee chaired by a Tournament Director; a Membership Committee; a Handicap Committee; and a Nominating Committee. The Chairman of all committees shall be appointed by the President. Other committees may be approved by the Board.

A. The Tournament Committee shall be responsible for the monthly tournaments during the year.

B. The Handicap Committee shall work closely with the Tournament Director and establish handicaps based upon scores in NEFSGA events. Once a member has a NEFSGA handicap, it will be used in all events EXCEPT on the member’s home course where his local handicap MUST be used.

C. The Membership Committee shall handle all matters pertaining to membership including:

1. Distributing and receiving applications.
2. Recommending to the Board of Directors applicants for admission.
3. Handling all membership correspondence and maintaining all lists and files as required.
4. Recommend and carry out membership policy as approved by the Board of Directors.
5. Collect initiation fees and annual dues and forward checks to the Treasurer.
6. Direct the membership activities of the Club Representatives and keep them informed of membership policy and status.
7. Prepare membership lists for publication in the Annual Directory.
D. The Nominating Committee shall generate a slate of candidates to fill open Board positions in the coming year.

Article IX – Dues, Initiation Fees and Administrative Expenses
Section 1
New Membership Fees and annual dues shall be determined by The Board of Directors and published in the General Information Section of the Website.
Section 2
The Fiscal Year of the Association shall be January 1 to December31. Dues for the next fiscal year are due on or before November 15. Members whose dues are received after January 15 may not be listed in the current Membership Directory. To be eligible to play in a NEFSGA event, a member must have paid his current dues.
Section 3
The Board of Directors may accept donations from any legal source or make grants or donations for the benefit of the Association.
Section 4
The Board of Directors shall not receive any salary but the Secretary and the Treasurer may obtain assistance, when necessary, at reasonable expense to the Association.
Section 5
Personal Expenses as follows: Treasurer – $60.00 per event Secretary – $30.00 per month Handicap Chairman – $90.00 per month Membership Chairman – $130.00 per month
Section 6
The entry fee for each event shall include two dollars for the personal expenses incurred by the Tournament Director; including $2 for each and every player in the tournament.

Section 1 – Monthly Tournaments.

A. The Tournament Director shall offer 23 tournaments a year, two in every month except December, which shall have one.

B. Tournament sign-up and cancellation policies shall be set by the Tournament Director with the approval of the Board of Directors.

C. Tournaments shall be flighted based on handicap with prizes awarded in each flight. No flight shall have less than 9 golfers.

D. Flights and prizes shall be determined by the Tournament Director based on number of entries.

E. The Tournament Director is responsible for determining winners. All prizes shall be certificates for pro-shop credit at the hosting Club.

Section 2 – Annual Championship Tournament

A. There shall be one 36 hole Championship Tournament each year held coincident with two monthly tournaments.

B. The Championship Tournament is a tournament-in-a-tournament completely separate from the Monthly tournament held at the same time.

C. Golfers may take part in both tournaments at the same time by paying a Championship Tournament fee in addition to the normal tournament fee.

D. Participation in the Championship Tournament is voluntary. Not all Monthly Tournament Golfers need be in the Championship Tournament.

E. Championship Flights and prizes shall be determined by the Championship Tournament Director and shall be based on number of entries and may be different than the prizes for the Monthly Tournament.

F. Once a golfer starts in the Championship Tournament, his handicap and flight within the Championship Tournament shall not change.

G. To compete in the Championship Tournament, a member must take part in the Monthly Tournament occurring at the same time; have completed at least four (4) monthly events in that fiscal year and must have a NEFSGA handicap to be eligible to compete in the event.

H. Championship Tournament sign-up and cancellation policies shall be set by the Championship Tournament Director with the approval of the Tournament Director.

Section 1 – Annual Meeting
At least 30 days prior to the December Annual Meeting, the President shall notify the general membership of the date and place of the Annual Meeting.
Section 2 – Nominations
A. At least 45 days prior to the December Annual Meeting, the President shall appoint the
Chairman of the Nominating Committee. The Immediate Past President shall be first in line for the appointment. Two other members shall also be appointed to the committee.
B. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate consisting of one candidate for each open board position and the slate of candidates shall be made available to the membership at least 3 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting by posting same on the website ( and/or upon request to the President.C. The Board will accept nominations from the floor at the Annual Meeting and such candidates
shall be presented for a vote together with the nominees presented by the Nominating Committee.

Section 3 – Election of Officers
Immediately following the election of the Board of Directors, the Board shall elect, from its own members, officers to open positions.

Article XII – Authority to Amend By-Laws
Section 1
These by-laws may be amended:

A. The Board must be given the proposed changes at least two weeks before a Board Meeting. Change in the By-Laws may occur on the favorable vote of two-thirds of the Board Members at an official meeting of the Board.

B. Any nine association members may propose a By-Law change by presenting the proposed change in writing to the President. Such submission will be presented to the Board and acted upon under the provisions of ARTICLE XII, Section 1 Part A.

Thirteenth revision approved by the Board of Directors June 6, 2006.
Fourteenth revision approved by the Board of Directors June 25, 2007.
Fifteenth revision approved by the Board of Directors October 22, 2007.
Sixteenth revision approved by the Board of Directors April 19, 2010.
Seventeenth revision approved by the Board of Directors September 20, 2010.
Eighteenth revision approved by the Board of Directors January 11, 2011.
Nineteenth revision approved by the Board of Directors April 25, 2011.
Twentieth revision approved by the Board of Directors June 16, 2014.
Twenty-First revision approver by the Board of Directors September 12, 2016

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