The Board of Directors of NEFSGA has been working diligently to contract high quality golf courses for our tournaments, and we have fought to maintain a $50 price point wherever possible. We have basically been at $50 for about the last 10 years. Due to inflationary pressures for both cost of green fees and especially cost of food, we have been forced to raise rates at many of our tournaments, and we anticipate that we will continue to have to do this. Please know that we will continue to keep the cost of our tournaments as low as possible, but that more and more of the events will be costing $55 and a few exclusive courses more than that.
Please pay careful attention to the cost of each tournament listed on the website and send in checks for the appropriate amount when signing up. Tournaments are typically posted one month at a time, about two months in advance of play.
Thanks for your understanding and awareness of this situation."